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Welcome, “Burnt Out” Dieters! You are probably here because you are fatigued, tired and need a jumpstart to your weight loss. By the time you get home from work, finish cleaning or wrap-up studying, you are too tired to even think of exercise or cooking a healthy meal. Our Body Boost Program is just what you need to reboot your body, and lose weight… Did we mention you’ll probably have more energy?!
The Body Boost Program was designed to help give your body the synergistic effect of adding targeted nutrients in boosting the performance of your body and burning fat.

Benefits of LipoMax Injections

  • Vitamin B2 Helps thyroid regulation and metabolism
  • Vitamin B3 Helps good cholesterol and decreases triglycerides
  • Vitamin B5 Helps breakdown fats and carbohydrates
  • Vitamin B12 Helps increase energy
  • Vitamin C Helps increase body fat oxidation during exercise
  • Methionine Helps metabolize protein
  • Inositol Helps nervous system function
  • Choline Helps metabolize fat
  • Chromium Helps support blood sugar
  • Carnitine helps support lean muscle mass and decrease body fat
Dosage Recommendation: 1-3 injections per week per physician recommendation.

What to Expect

  • Visit our medical office to complete health history and a patient intake form
  • Work with our medical weight loss team to customize your program
  • If the Body Boost Program is a fit for you, you will begin the next step
  • You will have blood work taken
  • Our medical team will review your blood work to make sure you are medically qualified
  • Our medical team will order your LipoMax injections and review the program with you
  • You will be given a Body Boost Guide
*Results may vary. It is recommended that you work with your medical team throughout the program on your progress.

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