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Welcome, “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?” Dieters! Have you found yourself asking this question time and time again? No matter what diet you try, you seem to never have much luck or plateau after a few months. Our Hormone Reset Program will help to identify what’s going on inside your body. Working in conjunction with a doctor, we will help to identify whether or not your hormones are the underlying reason why you are not losing weight.
Hormones control every function in the body. When hormones are out of balance, they can cause problems for the entire body. This includes issues in regulation of: mood, sleep, and hunger; and even how your body loses weight. With our comprehensive lab testing, we look at all aspects of why you may not be losing weight.

Testing can include:

  • General health Testing
  • Micronutrient Testing
  • Thyroid Testing
  • Blood Sugar Testing
  • Inflammation Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Sex Hormone Testing
*Results may vary.

What to Expect

  • Visit our medical office to complete health history and a patient intake form
  • Work with our medical weight loss team to customize your program
  • If the Hormone Reset Program is a fit for you, you will begin the next step
  • You will have comprehensive blood work taken
  • You will meet with a doctor to go over your results to discover why you may not be losing weight
  • The doctor will recommend a natural hormone balancing plan which can include targeted nutrients, diet and exercise plan
*Results may vary. It is recommended that you work with your medical team throughout the program on your progress.

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