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Welcome, “I Need to Lose Weight Fast” Dieter! You are in the right place! Whether you would like to lose weight fast, fit back into your skinny jeans, look your best at your high school reunion, or just want to improve your health, the Rapid Weight Loss Program is for you.

The Rapid Weight Loss Program is built for those who would like to lose 30 or more pounds. Results are different for everyone, but in most cases we have seen patients lose up to 1-3 pounds a day, giving them the fast results they want and creating a dramatic transformation!

Dr. Oz does not promote or endorse Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss. * The above video is for educational purposes only. Results may vary.

As you can see in the above video, hormone injections can help you lose weight fast and target fat rather than muscle.

What to Expect

  • Visit our medical office to complete health history and a patient intake form
  • Work with our medical weight loss team to customize your program
  • If the Rapid Weight Loss Program is a fit for you, you will begin the next step
  • You will have blood work taken
  • Our medical team will review your blood work to make sure you are medically qualified
  • Our medical team will order your hormone injections and review the program with you
  • You will be given a Rapid Weight Loss Guide on how to eat on the program
  • You will attend a group, or individual session on beginning your weight loss journey
  • You will begin the program and *start losing up to 1-3 pounds a day
  • At the end of your program, you will have an individual or group session on the next steps of your transition plan

*Results may vary.

It is recommended that you work with your medical team throughout the program on your progress.

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